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Eco-friendly Water soluble CorrosionInhibitor (HJK-CNF 100)

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Eco-Friendly Water Soluble Corrosion Inhibitor (HJK-CNF 100)


HJK Corrosion Inhibitor is a product that is treated to the surface of ferrous and non-ferrous metals to prevent white rust and corrosion. It is an eco-friendly water soluble corrosion inhibitor with Cr-free maintaining unique appearance characteristic of the metal.



< Product Features >


▶ Eco-friendly Product with Cr-free

HJK Corrosion Inhibitor is an eco-friendly product that doesn’t contain harmful substances including Cr6+ and Cr3+, and it has no side effects due to skin contact or inhaling.


▶ Excellent White Rust Prevention Effect & Corrosion Resistance

Since the harmfulness of chrome has become to known, compound like phosphate was selected as a basic material for new corrosion inhibitor, but it was not effective enough as much as chrome corrosion inhibitor. This product solved that kind of problem and it has even better corrosion inhibition and resistance than chrome corrosion inhibitor.


▶ Simple Process

Excellent corrosion protection can be made by the application of HJK Corrosion Inhibitor at final manufacturing stage of galvanizing or steel product manufacturing, and there is no need to add separate process. Both dipping method and spray method are available.  


▶ Outstanding Economy

HJK Eco-friendly Water solable Corrosion Inhibitor is economical due to its high corrosion inhibition even in low diluted concentration. Furthermore, it requires no additional treatment  cost taking advantage of simple pH adjustmnet allowing discharge directly to environment while the Chormates and corrosion preventin oils are of regulated disposal process requiring cost burden to pay.


▶ Other Features

Heat Resistance (up to 600℃)

Flame Resistance

Self Cleaning Feature

Coating Adhesiveness


< Applicable Object & Method >

Product Name

Type of Metal

Application Method

Dilution Rate



Application Time

Corrosion Resisting Period


HJK eco-friendly
water soluble
Corrosion Inhibitor                               

Galvanized Iron, Zn


& Spay


Room Temperature


20~180 Sec

Over 24 weeks


Aluminum, Al



Room Temperature


20~180 Sec

Over 24 weeks


Carbon Steel, Fe



Room Temperature


20~180 Sec

Over 2 weeks


Other Steels


Application to be developed with Customers



▶ Galvanized Iron (GI, EGI)

HJK Corrosion Inhibitor is an optimized product for white rust prevention of galvanized iron, and the iron is deposited in cooling tank which contains corrosion inhibitor for a certain time after galvanizing process. Deposition time may vary according to the temperature of the iron, but you can get enough corrosion inhibiting effect on hot-dipped galvanized iron through the deposition for 2~3 seconds only.

Recommended Concentration: 1~3%


▶ Non-Ferrous Metals 

It can apply to most of non-ferrous materials like aluminum, magnesium, etc. as well as zinc, and you can choose application method between Dipping and Spray considering working environment. 60 seconds of deposition time at room temperature is recommended for Dipping, but you need to control the time because the higher the temperature of the metal is, the less time is required.

Recommended Concentration: 1~3%


▶ Ferrous Metals

One of the advantages of HJK Corrosion Inhibitor is that it makes high corrosion inhibiting effect on ferrous metals as well as non- ferrous metals. When we made comparison test of corrosion inhibitors for ferrous metals currently sold in the market, we found out that HJK Corrosion Inhibitor showed more excellent corrosion inhibiting effect than existing product more than twice.

Recommended Concentration: 3~5%


▶ Application Method

1)Make a solution of 1~5% mixing proper amount of HJK Corrosion Inhibitor with purified water.
2)Remove contaminants on material surface like dust, oil, etc.
3)Deposit into the solution for maximum 60 seconds according to the surface temperature of the material, or apply it over the metal surface evenly using spray.
4)Dehydrate completely by natural drying or hot-air drying.

< Packing Unit & Storage >


▶ Packing Unit

25 kg (Specific Gravity 1.2±0.2) in a plastic can

▶ Storage

Use sealed container and store it in a cool dry place.


< Location >

▶ Office : 306, Daewoo Building, 102 Gwangduk Seo Road, Danwongu, Ansan, Gyeonggi Province, South Korea

▶ Lab & Factory : 14-11, Janglyang 75 Road, Bukgu, Pohang, Gyeongsangbuk Province, South Korea

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