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Calcium Silicate Pipe Cover

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  • MaterialCalcium Silicate


  • South Korea South Korea
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It is a non-asbestos, high performance insulating material molded by reacting calcium silicate powder with high-pressure heat, and mixing it with inorganic fiber. It is designed to provide excellent thermal insulation and heat resistance for piping and equipment in power station, steel mill and petrochemical industries as well as in other various fields. It can also be specified to use in furnace as backing material of refractory bricks.


High Efficiency

HJK Calcium silicate is a very economical insulation which can improve work efficiency and save cost by reducing the thickness of insulation materials and restricting heat diffusion. Besides, it is also a recyclable “green material“ that can be used again in the maintenance engineering.

High Insulating Quality

Because air is a poor conductor of heat, a large number of microscopic air pockets dispersed throughout the material make HJK Calcium silicate the most efficient insulator.

Superior Strength

Even though molded heat insulation material may be damaged in execution or during transportation, HJK calcium silicate has excellent mechanical strengths such as abrasion resistance and impact resistance. HJK calcium silicate not only improves the execution efficiency but also has longer service life than other insulation materials.

Non-Corrosive and Moisture Resistance

Because of low chloride content, HJK calcium silicate has an excellent corrosion protection which can restrain the corrosion of main material.

Light Weight

The lower the density, the more effective the insulating quality of the material, HJK calcium silicate is extremely light and is easy to carry and handle.