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Ceramic Fiber Vacuum Formed Shapes

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  • MaterialCeramic Fiber


  • South Korea South Korea
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Ceramic Fiber Vacuum Formed Shapes are made from ceramic fiber by vacuum formed during wet process. Dried and cast as customers request and design, they can be produced in different shapes such as block, board, fabricated part, burner, cracking furnace peep sight hole, cylinder etc ,with density  300-400kg/m3. Resistance wire can be preinstalled to make an electric boiling plate.


*Features and Benefits

-  Excellent resistance to compressure and rupture

-  Low thermal conductivity

-  Resistance to thermal shock

-  High accuracy of dimension

-  Heat and cool fast

-  Resistance to air

-  Resistance to sudden cool and heat 

*Typical Applications

-  Hot-surface lining of industrial thermal equipments

-  Peep sight hole

-  Insulation shapes

-  Insulation pipes

-  Electric element supporter